Gambling For a Living?

If like me you have had the ups and downs associated with online gambling then you may well be feeling a little jaded. On the other hand if your just starting out you may be currently elated but are taking a sanity check and step back to see if it actually is viable and not just a good luck run.I have tried a lot of things, I have won and lost a lot of money. However I never seem to keep the money in the bank, continuity is my problem it might be yours.I have had moderate success with poker both online and in a bricks and mortar casino. At one point I was convinced I could make it as a professional poker player, it is still one of my dreams to be able to gamble for a living.However it became clear to me that the up and down swings of gambling aren’t stable enough for guaranteed income let alone to be able to say you successfully gamble for a living, more like you were gambling your living. You want to be able to pay your mortgage and bills reliability not by the seat of your pants.Lately I have been checking out a program called R-bet.Its a program that runs in a separate window graphically representing a roulette table.  You play European Roulette (only one 0) at the online casino.  You spin the wheel and enter where the ball fell into the programs Graphic User Interface.  It then tells you when and what to bet on the roulette table.It does this by combining several well known strategies into one program thereby greatly enhancing your chances.I definitely noticed elements of the Martingale and Thirds but it also predicts number ranges and at times even a single number.  I found that the number ranges weren’t as reliable but pleasantly the single number bet always came in before a profit loss.The best thing about the software is it stops a betting sequence from getting out of hand if you are going to lose a load of cash.  So by following the program exactly over time you more or less ensure constant profit OVERALL, although you will have occasional losses.Even with bad runs you can’t really fail to turn a long-term profit as long as you follow the programs advice. I will write a follow up article on my progress soon.

Where Can I Play Card Games Online?

Many online games are available in the web, different card games with different links and domains. If you want to enjoy your free time just by playing cards, you now can cause there is a good source where.When you play card games online, it is like being at the casino, where the trill and the excitement is still present, the only difference is that, you are not in Las Vegas.There is a good source where you can play card games and other games at hand too, all you need to do is get ready and choose the best game there is. But before you play online there are things you need to remember;1. Always be ready for the consequences at hand, you know betting can make you rich or the other way around.2. Always read and research the different ways and techniques the site will offer before you play.3. Be a responsible gambler, gamble wisely, you know playing online games can give you the same tricks the casinos gives you, so be ready.Playing online card games Won’t be easy, just like in famous casinos, all the games are tricky and sometimes all the worst things can happen. There are also instances you will have that hot hand and win as much as what a lucky person can win in a casino. The site also offers many things other than giving what you are looking for, it also gives reviews of poker games, casino games, horse racing and foot ball game guides, just browse and have the time to look at what it has to offer.

Can Sex Board Games Spice Up Your Love Life?

Can sex board games or sex card games, really spice up your love life? Yes! Sexy games for adults can definitely create a bond, inject some passion and even ignite a hot fervor between its players.Just like games for children, games for adults pure purpose is entertainment. And just like when you were a kid, when you really get in to the game, they can definitely become addictive!Adult sex board games can even make a great supplement to your couple’s sex toys, or that special lingerie in your draw. Because not only are they fun, playing adult games helps you maintain your connection by spending that all important quality time together. And sex card games are just the same. Like sneaky little packs of indulgent fun hidden away in your bedroom, or maybe as part of your personal adult fun drawer, they make a great addition to your sex toys or any other adult games you may have.From striptease games, Kama Sutra sex position cards, or Naughty or Nice games that suggest romantic ideas or more audacious sexcapades, each sex card game is different.And contrary to some beliefs, not all sex card games are sweet and simple vanilla love cards. You might just be surprised by what you can learn about your partner and even yourself, from a spontaneous and cheeky session of card game sex. And depending on your outlook and just how friendly you are with your friends, you can even extend the fun and the numbers of players depending on how many are willing.Adult sex games are not only fun, they also make for a cost effective night in. Once you have purchased your sexy game, it can be played over and over again. A gift that keeps on giving if you will, and one that with practice you can definitely hone in on your playing skills creating more competition, more excitement and more sex.Overall, sex board games or any adult games in general, are an excellent introduction or stepping-stone for those who are interested in role play or other erotic games but are not yet confident to pursue them. The organized games and rules ensure that you always know what you’re doing and even if you have tried role play but failed dismally, at least sexy board games for adults can help you live vicariously through the life of your board game character!